Hacker Evolution - Reinsertion

Hacker Evolution - Reinsertion

More missions to add to the hacking game


  • Challenging new levels
  • A new skin to apply to the original


  • Not much to look at graphically

Very good

I love films like Hackers and War Games, where plucky nerds try to sock it to 'The Man' armed with nothing but a computer and their nouse. I think this is why I enjoyed Hacker Evolution so much, because it puts you in the place of these digital vigilantes and gives you an immersive experience of creeping around computer systems while trying not to be caught. Although the graphics are nothing to write home about, the gameplay is totally engrossing.

This first expansion pack for the game offers new graphical options and some neat new missions, although, like most expansions, there's not much difference in terms of gameplay - although in the case of Hacker Evolution this is no bad thing. If you've already completed the orginal then Reinsertion will have you getting all paranoid about the cops catching you snooping again. A must-have for fans of the game.

Hacker Evolution Reinsertion is the first official expansion pack for Hacker Evolution. Continue to play the role of Brian Spencer, a former intelligence agent, in the first official expansion pack, for Hacker Evolution - Reinsertion.

Following the huge success of Hacker Evolution, exosyphen studios releases the first expansion pack for the game. The adventure continues with new levels and graphics, pushing the game engine beyond what was present until now. Continue where the original game has left off, and return to complete some unfinished business, in these completely new levels.

Hacker Evolution - Reinsertion


Hacker Evolution - Reinsertion

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